Go Epic Experience

The “Go Epic Experience” has begun, and more and more people are taking charge of their lives by participating in the self-care revolution. It is the mission of Go Epic to educate and introduce natural and organic proprietary nutritional products that will assist people in preventing and remitting disease naturally. Cholesterade ® which was created by the late Dr. Cade, the inventor of Gatorade ®, is the initial product offering from Go Epic that drastically reduces cholesterol levels naturally. This product conforms to the National Institute of Health’s guidelines for daily soluble fiber intake and will now give a very clear-cut approach to individuals that are currently taking health damaging statin drugs to address their cholesterol issues.

Our Vision

The idea of Go Epic was developed by a team of business and like-minded people with the vision of a healthier world, free of disease and constant pharmaceutical intervention that only treat symptoms of disease and never address the underlying problems. Our mission is to deliver healthy solutions and natural alternatives to individuals seeking natural and organic remedies to address their personal health issues. Management has an aggressive rollup strategy to accomplish their goals in a short period of time. These plans include:

  • The acquisition of additional product lines that conforms to the Go Epic Experience and Lifestyle.
  • The acquisition of additional distribution and specialty manufacturing facilities.
  • To Introduce additional proprietary products created by Dr. Cade and our in-house formulator (Go Shakes, Go Bars, Recuperade and more).

Market Opportunity

Go Epic is positioned to bring unique, healthy and life changing products to the major markets of the world through a series of retail stores, online portals, events and private brand components.


Go Epic has a solid growth strategy based on our ownership of the unique and powerful products that were created by Dr. Cade, the creator of Gatorade ®. Our ability to manufacture our own products and distribute through our established retail outlets drastically escalates our sales cycle as well as increasing our profit margins.

Our goal is to grow the business from a first year volume approximately $200M in 2020.


Management at Go Epic feel by sharing their views and their product offerings with others in a conscientious way will help to sustain a healthier and more productive life for this and future generations. By educating people about making a conscious effort to live a healthier lifestyle will prevent and reduce disease, and will create an understanding and a value in sustainable health.

Management also helps to raise funds for designated non-profit entities and they have a passion for researching and educating about the prevention and remission of disease naturally. A portion of the proceeds from Cholesterade ® sales will be designated to support Go Epic Health nonprofits such as The American Heart Association.

The idea of the Go Epic Lifestyle is to share the spirit of the Go Epic experience with new and return customers, and to help them to have a wider view of all the healthy opportunities and choices that will allow them to enjoy a longer, healthier and more productive life.

The Go Epic experience is growing new bonds and relationships within the family unit as well as with new and exciting connections.

Go Epic Lifestyle

At Go Epic, we embrace a Lifestyle that follows the seven principals of health:

  • Air – The number one essence of life is air. For every person that has whined about a windy day, the wind is actually doing you good. Wind cleans the air of toxins. It is recommended that if you are working in an office or inside all day, you need to be getting out at least 5 minutes of every hour. Spending long periods of time in a confined room, office or house (particularly one with air-conditioning) means that you are breathing in essentially dirty air. It is also recommended sleeping with a window open so the air can move around in your room (and put a blanket on if you are cold!).
  • Water – Well of course this was going to make it on the list! Water is the gift of life. It is recommended to drink at least 2 liters of water a day to keep your brain hydrated. We have always heard about keeping your body hydrated, but what about the brain? If we don’t drink that much water (and it has to be water, not just liquids) then that is when we get headaches.
  • Sunshine – Sunshine heals the emotions and all of the cells of the body. Have you ever felt totally depressed and then you got outside and felt the sun and almost instantly feel relieved of pressure? Sunshine is a very powerful healer!
  • Walking – We recommend walking every day for 45 minutes to an hour in open spaces. It doesn’t have to be fast, and you don’t have to go a long distance. You just have to get out there and walk. Try and understand it as that it’s not really walking for exercise, it’s walking for health.
  • Wholefoods – Fruit and vegetables are natures most concentrated medicines. Basically, and we all know it, eat more wholefoods!
  • Non-toxic Relationships – This could really be a whole topic in itself, so I won’t go into details, but essentially loving relationships are very healing. Surround yourself with loving people.
  • Passion – It is the belief of many that traditional schooling and academics makes us lose what we are truly interested in as we are not often encouraged to pursue it. Passion is a ‘passing of ions’ and we get ions of pleasure from doing things we love. It is so important to find out what you truly love doing and just go do them. It could be horseback riding, exercising, seeing friends and family, getting out into the country, reading books, etc.   Find your passion and don’t let anything get in the way of pursuing it. After all, it is for your own health and happiness.