Go Epic Health owns several proprietary nutritional products and formulas including multiple products that were created by the late Dr. Robert Cade, the creator of Gatorade ®.   Go Epic is implementing the initial launch of their flagship product, Cholesterade ® with additional proprietary product offerings coming soon.

Cholesterade ® is a product owned by Go Epic Health, Inc. which was created by the late Dr. Robert Cade, the creator of Gatorade ®. Dr. Cade himself experienced high cholesterol levels, so he completed very detailed research and formulated the ingredients and exact ratios to create the great tasting and effective drink we know today as Cholesterade ®.

Cholesterade ® provides a natural, delicious and economical solution to help meet NIH requirements for therapeutic lifestyles changes using non-drug intervention to lower cholesterol prior to consideration of statin intervention. Without making any other lifestyle changes, remarkable results were achieved in only 8 weeks.

In an 8 week study performed by Dr. Cade participants achieved amazing results without altering their lifestyle or taking harmful drugs. Participants each drank 1-8 ounce glass of Cholesterade ® with each meal and one at bedtime.

CREATED BY DR. J. ROBERT CADE, Creator of Gatorade ®

CHOLESTERADE ® (so tasty the kids call it “The Yummy Stuff”)

CHOLESTERADE ® contains 8 Grams of delicious soluble fiber per serving.

In 8 the week study, the participants achieved

Triglycerides -50.0%
Total Cholesterol (TC) -17.9%
LDL Cholesterol (LDLC) -21.4%
HDL Cholesterol (HDLC) +12.9%
HDLC/LDLC Ratio +44.0%
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* Note: “Gatorade ® is a registered trademark of Stokely-Van Camp, Inc. GO EPIC HEALTH, Inc., is not affiliated with Gatorade ® or Stokely-Van Camp, Inc.”

Pulse® is a product owned by Go Epic Health, Inc. which was created by our chief formulator, Don Tolman.

Pulse® is a synergistic combination of Pure Healthy and Organic Ingredients. Pulse® is a pure raw food made of nuts, seeds, grains, fruits, vegetables, berries, herbs, oils, and spices is a delicious snack and/or meal replacement.

As an 8-year old boy, Don Tolman heard a story that set his heart and mind racing. The story was from the bible, in the story of Daniel, about an ancient sacred meal called “Pulse”. Don sat and listened to the story of how Daniel and his 3 friends were brought into an encampment by King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon and were to be fed the kings meats and wines for three years. However, they requested a specific diet of Pulse to eat and water drink instead of the food from the kings table. At the end of just 10 days, Daniel and his friends were healthier and brighter than the other people in the encampment, and at the end of the 3 years, they were found to be stronger and 10 times wiser than the brightest men in the kingdom.

Eventually, this story motivated Don to embark on a 17-year quest traveling to 33 different countries in search of the exact ingredients and ratios of each that made up “Pulse”.

During his quest, he was granted special dispensation to meet the curators of certain museums, he experienced life amongst many different indigenous cultures and was able to review ancient collections that were under ‘lock and key’.

Above all, he discovered the most priceless, observational wisdom from our ancestors about nature and its relationship to the human body and about health. He has carried this knowledge with himself for over 40 years and it’s what set him off on a mission for the rest of his life to share it publicly with anybody who was prepared to listen.

Now Pulse® is available in a modern day and convenient nutritional bar form with the exact ingredients that our ancestors used to live healthy, disease free and abundant lives.

(Initially created by Dr. Robert Cade (the creator of Gatorade®) for the University of Florida Swim Team)

  • Maintains desired carb/protein ratio range of 2.5/3.0 to 1
  • Yale study demonstrates glycogen replacement 2- 4 times as fast as equivalent carbs or calories in carbs
  • Cuts muscle recovery time from 24 hours to 4-6 hours
  • Yale, Stanford, Navy Seal Research Head, University of Texas, Olympic Swim team nutritionist – funded by NIH and the Army
  • Used by more than 140 University Athletic Departments, Pro and Olympic teams
  • Over 40 NCAA championships, including LSU
  • A milk based mineral protein complex drink with a combination of simple and complex sugars that gives sustained energy without spiking – protein concentrate gives higher calories with lower fat and cholesterol levels than 2% low fat milk
  • Lactose free in Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry/Banana Flavors
  • Ideal drink for other market segments of meal replacement, general nutrition for all ages, weight management, healthcare, etc.
  • Some segments will have reduced sugar levels
  • Significantly better nutritionals than Ensure
  • More consistent sugar level impact for diabetics



  • Delicious and made from similar formulation to GO Shake
  • Three Delicious Flavors (Chocolate Vanilla Crisp, Peanut Butter Crunch, Berries and Yogurt
  • Taste is good enough to dominate the multi-billion dollar bar market